Financial Planning Software

Estate Planning Software.

ExecPlan Express financial planning software is versatile enough to work on specific planning objectives that are not always part of a comprehensive financial planning strategy, such as estate planning. However unlike most estate planning software that evaluate specific stand-alone estate tax strategies, ExecPlan Express financial planning software can also evaluate an estate planning strategy that is integrate into an individual’s retirement planning goals and understand its impact on those goals.

And there are few limits to modeling a detailed estate planning strategy with features such as:

Wills - Three types of wills, marital, A/B trust (UTC will), or an optimized will.

Trusts - Ability to model a various irrevocable trusts including ILITs.

Detailed Reporting - Ability to generate reports for any year in the future. Flowcharts for both client and spouse. Ownership reports to illustrate assets held to client, spouse, joint, community or to trust.