Financial Planning Software

Retirement Planning Software.

ExecPlan Express is designed as fully integrated financial planning software. However, Express is versatile enough to work on specific planning objectives such as a retirement planning software. This is done by providing real life evaluations for the personal finance of individuals near or in their retirement planning years, with the ability to evaluate:

401(k)s - Automatically calculations for limits to accompany retirement plan including “catch up” contributions for individuals over 50, Required Minimum Distributions, Rollover Capabilities. And since ExecPlan Express financial planning software integrates an actual federal income tax analysis, users are able to do “what if” sceraios to evaluate the most effective manner in which to fund and distreibute from qualified plans.

IRAs - Automatically limitations for contributions, deductions ,and minimum required distributions.

Roth IRAs - Rollover capabilities, automatic limits for contributions, special tax calculations for 2010 rollovers. Click the link to learn on the aspects of Roth IRA Conversion with regard to our retirement planning software solution.

Retirement income - User defined social security benefits, pension income, deferred compensation plans. Users can also create whatever type of earned income prior to retirement including self employed income, pass through income and OASDI wages.

Customization - User can control changes to expenses, income or return on investments at any time in the planning horizon. This allows for part time income in retirement, the elimination of certain expenses, the increase in cost of medical expense, changes in rate or returns, etc.

Most simple retirement planning software or retirement planning calculators simply look only at lifetime cash flow, ExecPlan Express Financial Planning Software is a fully integrate financial planning software. This means it incorporates risk management issues such as life and disability insurance needs and the cost associated with these risks. Express can also include in any retirement planning projections other personal financial objectives like funding 529 plans for college educational needs, or saving to purchase a second home later in life.

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