Financial Planning Software

Version 10 Enhancements

Interactive Planning Panel (new)

Provides dynamic planning capability with interactive what-if analysis. The interactive panel can dramatically increase your planning efficiency. It updates key planning results such as cash flow, taxes and net worth instantly as you change an input value or enter new data. You can select any two years of the planning horizon for the dynamic analysis. This is an optional feature that can be turned off when interactive planning is not needed.

Monte Carlo Simulation (new)
This efficient Monte Carlo simulation is scalable to your needs for each specific plan. The projection simulations are based on actual historic data for various types of investments over the past 50+ years which can be further fine-tuned. You can define the number of iterations included in the simulation and can break out at any point to review the graph and chart up to that point.

Enhanced Cash Management Simulation
The Cash Management feature of ExecPlan Express has been beefed up to provide alternative analysis for investing excess cash or liquidating assets to meet cash needs in future years. You can define how the surplus cash is to be invested, i.e. in Stocks or other Taxable or Non-taxable investments. Similarly, the Cash Management can orderly liquidate invested assets and/or retirement plans in the projected years when cash needs exceed the amount of cash available otherwise.

Enhanced Reports & Statements Compilation
Attractive report formats and the ability to export the reports to various formats type such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and more.

New Graphic Module
A variety of new high resolution graphs and charts are added.

Customized Financial Plan Narrative
This automated analysis report describes the plan and highlights it with reports, charts and graphs. It provides a comprehensive presentation of the plan for the client. The report is generated as a Microsoft Word document that can be further modified to suit a planning scenario.

Import PlanMode Data
Personal financial plans created with the PlanMode app which is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms can be imported to ExecPlan Express for a more elaborate analysis and customized preparation of the plan. This could also provide planners with an option for obtaining initial data from clients who are using a smartphone or a tablet.

Automatic Program Updates
Application program updates in real time for new or changing tax computations and software patches.